Before creating a character, you should probably know the do's and don'ts, especially if you're looking to make a character correctly! 

First, you should know that only dogs and cats are allowed! Also, it is perfectly fine to make a unique and unrealistic looking cat or dog. The only thing we do not want is rainbow patterns or tons of accessories (Including clothing. You may have ties, necklaces and other various things, just no clothing!).

You may also want to know that you are to make your own character. No basing your character off of Sam Winchester here! (Yes, we know he's attractive, but you must resist!) Not only that, you can't just take someone else's OC from deviantart and call it your own. How would you like if someone did that to you? 

Moving on from that, no Mary-sue's or murderous villains! They are just silly characters that nobody wants to roleplay with, so go ahead and make a more interesting character.

Another thing you might want to keep in mind is that if you have permission from Nephazu- you may roleplay a god/goddess. However, there are a few guidelines to roleplaying a god. First of all, they can't just be an invincible white dog with wings named Spot. Second, your powers are more than welcome to be powerful, but they can't be the oh-so-powerful one, unless given permission. Third,a  god must be more creative than just white! Another thing- Spot is not an acceptable name. They can have nicknames, but they must also have a "god-ish" sounding name. Google Aztec gods maybe and use those examples to make their name! Just don't get wild- please make it sweet and simple, nobody likes a really long name. 


These are just some basic rules! Not everything may have been covered, but if you have any questions don't be afraid to ask about it! One last thing- check this page often! It maybe modified to improve people's character quality.