1. No harassment, trolling, spamming or excessive cussing in the chat boxes, profile comments or private messages. (Cussing is however allowed in profile comments and private messages as much as you wish- as long as you're not spamming or trolling.)

2. No powerplaying

3. No claiming "God" or any other status without consent of an administrator.

4. No advertising 

5. No posing or hacking other accounts.

6. If you are fighting with someone, please take it to private message! If you feel the need, forward the fight to an administrator to see if banning or suspension is needed.

7. Make your own character! Don't use other people's patterns for their dog/cat, if you want ask for help! This includes using images from deviantart and other various places. 

8. No sparkle cats or sparkle dogs! We don't like scene kids.

9. No gifs! 

10. If you are unsure of breaking a rule, just let an administrator know!