The Temple

The Temple is large and open on all four walls. Facing each direction are different altars for the four elements; Water, Fire, Air, and Earth. A small river surrounds the temple and visitors must first wash themselves before entering. Wildlife of all kinds freely enter the temple and worship in their own ways. In the middle is a large stone slab for worshiping the Light and Dark aspects. 


The River

A small river surrounding the Temple. It's cool, clear waters feel refreshing and revitalizing. A feeling of rebirth can be felt when stepping out.


The Open Room

An area that branches off from the main hall. A small path through a garden leads you to it. It is simple and smaller than the main hall. Just the ceiling and floor are open this time. The elements of Life and Death are very much alive in this room.


Energy Room

Another branch off the main room. This room seems to be charged with electricity. Stormy elements such as Thunder, Lightning, etc can be felt pulsing along the walls and through the air.